Hungarian Research Teachers' Association (HRTA) is an independent civil organisation.  Our members are aspiring teachers who live their profession as a mission and are willing to improve the educational environment they are working in.

There are many other creative teachers or various teacher associations—but we are networking (let us teach humanities, arts or science) to support each other in our innovative ambitions. Being part of a civil organisation provides us good opportunities to realize and implement our initiatives so that they get taken further from the level of ideas at last thus making school life more inspiring and more useful.
Our target is that the work of our Association, which has high standards and effectiveness, would become a main factor to educational policy especially in the fields of talent development and creating educational methods and materials.
With our experience and ideas we intend on our students staying open and curious in the World. We want them to become open-minded multi-lingual citizens in a way that they could find their place in different groups as well. They should have the claim to search for the cause-causal connections, but remain stable, harmonic people who beyond their probable successes, keep the importance of giving help in their surroundings.
Our members are teachers from all over the country who are proactive, open-minded and professional. Some of them are doing academic research in various fields while the others work for development of talented students through the Research Students organization. A third group is searching for new methods and creating teaching materials to support the process of teaching thereby enabling learning to be more enjoyable and efficient. The Association is unique in many senses: it allies teachers from kindergarten to higher education levels regardless subjects taught by them.
One-third of our members come from small towns or villages, thus by our work we can make a contribution to developing equal chances in education. Some 50 members come from neighbouring contries (Slovakia, Serbia and Romania).
We are convinced that there are brilliant teachers outside our network as well and are open to get in touch with them.
Our story
At the Talented Education conference a new initiative was launched, namely, to establish an association for teachers who support active research students, just like Hungarian Research Student Association. After a year of prearrangements, the Hungarian Research Teachers’ Association was founded in December 2005. The movement meant to patronise secondary school students has had contacts for a long time now with teachers who support research students. We keep in touch with over 700 educators 200 of which (who ardently pursuit their profession) have already joined our association (from technical to secondary schools) throughout the country and from abroad as well.
We organise workshops, conferences and trainings for our members and besides we publish research results and maintain a website in order to foster networking. We also motivate our members with grantships and awards.
Our programmes and conferences are free of charge for  our members. The services of our civil association are also completely free of charge for members.
 We organise National Conferences for Research Teachers twice a year:
Autumn conference - “Learning from each other”: sharing our research results and innovations
Spring conference - “Learning from others”:  respected experts are invited to lecture and discuss
There are regular exhibitions of our artist teachers. We also are involved in contributing to professional development in cooperation and partnership with other organisations.
Our conference materials and research results are published in the annual book called  Announcement of the Research Teachers.
 With the help of HRTA a practical teaching material was also issued: Memories (a collection of school projects about 1956 events and revolution).
 In cooperation with our partners we motivate outstanding teachers with awards and prizes.
 -  Prize of the Memory of Kajtár Márton is awarded to successful teachers working with research students
- Kontra György Innovation Scholarship for teachers is an award for teachers who have remarkable results in mathematics, science and technology
- Kontra Györgyné Innovation Scholarship  for teachers is an award for teachers showing successful practice in the fields of humanities and arts.

By the support of the Hungarian Innovation League we grant a scholarship to outstanding research teachers in mathematics or science.
The Hungarian Academy of Science is our partner in  various professional programmes (The Festival of Science presentation, summer academy, students’ presentations
International connections
Introduction:  Hands-on Science Conference 2006 Portugal, Braga: appreciation, because there was no similar civil initiation
Connections: educator associations outside the border
We are partners with teacher organisations within the Carpathian Basin and also with some Danish and Polish organizations
EU project:  our Association participated in Mind the Gap project, which presents successfully tested and innovative methods in teaching secondary school science subjects. We were active partners in the Comenius Multilateral Network CoDeS (Community and School Collboration for Sustainable Develpoment). Currenty we are proud to be partners in the FP7 project Ark of Inquiry, and in the Erasmus+ projects A Rounder Sense of Purpose and Urban Science.
Conferences:   Many of our members are invited speakers or experts  at various international conferences, workshops or projects.

Some of our plans
 Summer Academy for Research Teachers – a programme with the Hungarian Academy of Science with presentations and discussions about mainstream and progressive science with members of the Academy.  
Language courses in English-speaking countries - (not for language teachers), teaching, with a possibility of research etc.
Handbook on how to run the Research Students Clubs and other innovative ideas in research-based teaching.
Our main supporter is Thales Nanotechnology.
László Sólyom, former President of the Republic of Hungary
László Lovász, the President of the Hungarian Academy of Science

Governing Board
President: Zsuzsanna Nyerkiné Alabert (alabert@gmail.com)
Vice presidents: Szilvia Tóth (tothszilvia.kuttanar@gmail.com) and Mónika Réti (reti.kuttanar@gmail.com)
Honorary president: Erika Fodor


Offical address: 1074 Budapest, Dohány utca 14.

Postal address (P.O.Box): 1363 Budapest, Pf.108.

E-mail: reti.kuttanar@gmail.com