The function and role of the knowledge of anatomy during the lesson of grammar

This project is based on teaching of the speech sounds in scientific aspects concentrating on interdisciplinary of sciences like biology/anatomy and language. The purpose of the work is to show the interrelation of speech organs and the organs of nutrition and to emphasize the operation of these organs during the formation of speech sounds. The aim of the work is to acquire the knowledge and have experiences in natural way with doing some experiments in order to make the children understand the learning is not only the process when you sit and read something. However the learning is the process to plan to know something in a new way like to do research work, to establish facts, and to draw conclusions. In other words the learning is to explore the outside world including construction and operation of our body like speech organs and the creation of the human speech and the basic of it as the formation of speech sounds.
The method and material is suitable for the secondary school students (9. class). The work is the draft of the lesson which is based on the topic mentioned above like speech organs and their functions.

The plan of the lesson is going to show the different steps of teaching method based on teaching speech organs.

The theme is: Organs of speech (The duration is one or two lesson. It is going to depend on the ability of the class. It is advised to solve the exercises with after each other.)

This project was created by Mária Laczkó.